ETI ToolTech 2014 Presentations

ETI Business Meeting - 4/28/2014

Business Meeting Presentation - Charlie Gorman

Technical Committee Report - Charlie Gorman

Event Management Report - Jessie Korosec

Marketing Report - Jessie Korosec

Collision Repair Survey Report - Tim Morgan

NASTF Report - Skip Potter

ETI ToolTech

Monday - 4/28/2014

Keynote Address - Suse Barnes

Tuesday - 4/29/2014

There were no formal presentations on this day, only panel discussions

Wednesday - 4/30/2014

Vehicle Data Ownership - Stephen Finnegan and Greg Brannon

Spoke from notes - no presentation

Safe and Secure Access to Vehicle Data (The Vehicle Station Gateway) - Greg Potter, Gangolf Feiter and Richard Roy

Access to Vehicle Manufacturer Training Materials - Rob Morrell and Mark Warren

Thursday - 5/1/2014

Question and Answer Session on Technology Integration and National Accounts - Bill Eernisee, George Hoffman and Martin Corbett

There was no formal presentation just Q&A

Panel discussion on Collision Service Procedures

Tim Morgan, Kelly Logan, John Hall, Steve Marks, Joe DiDonato